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Favorite Phrases Thread of NaNoWriMo 2019

Because if it ain’t fun, there’s no use in doing it. Unless it’s crunches.

Below you will find my favorite excerpts from my newest cozy mystery novel drafted during this year’s NaNoWriMo event:

Pearl’s house, if you could call it that, was the picture-perfect embodiment of what would happen if Count Dracula and Sarah Winchester had a baby and it turned out to be a building.

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Accidental Angel

Riley Grant, the Lady Boss of the notorious Five Points Gang, does not suffer fools.

Ruthless and cunning, she runs the well-known — and feared — group with a firm hand and doesn’t let anything, or anyone, stand in her way.

When she is double-crossed and wakes up dead, she is politely informed by Purgatory’s HR department that she can either go straight to Hell or become a bounty hunter of souls.

She chooses the air-conditioned version of the Afterlife and gets to work.

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The Carmichael

Workaholic Hannah Carmichael doesn’t have time for a relationship.

She devotes every waking hour to her family’s department store, built several generations back by her great grandfather.

Against her better judgement, she attends a speed-dating event and is appalled when she meets condescending Tyler James.

After their disastrous introduction, she is horrified when she learns that he has been hired by her father to help with the branding of their store.

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Rue Bourbon

Wild-child Evangeline Rowe stumbles into the home of Remy Fuselier, a prominent New Orleans businessman, after a long night of drinking on Bourbon Street.

Trouble is, he hasn’t been able to leave his house since 1866.

Join her on an exploration through the darkest recesses of the Crescent City as she traverses the most dangerous underground culture and fights to understand her new gifts.