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Preptober – Week Three

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.”

Andrew Carnegie

It’s Goal Week, ladies and gentlemen. This week, our third one of Preptober, we will be establishing our goals, setting up a reward system, and gearing up for making NaNoWriMo 2020 as easy to participate in as possible.

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As stated in my other Preptober posts, (here’s Week One and Week Two) my project will be one that has been in the pipeline for years. I already have 8385 words written and this year’s NaNoWriMo goal for myself is completing a 75,000 word rough draft. This means, I have 66,615 words remaining.

I also know that I will be out of town for five days in November. (Technically four but I do not plan to write on the day that I return home.) That means, I am removing those five days from my writing schedule. That leaves me with 25 days in which to draft my novel. 66,615 / 25 = 2,665 words a day. This is significantly higher than average as I typically write about 2000 words every time I sit down.

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How do I ensure that I am able to write 2,665 words on each of my writing days?

I’ve already created my weekly meals / grocery lists for November. They are currently situated on the refrigerator and easy for me to check over the day before so I don’t waste time wondering what to cook/shop for. This should shave off 10-15 minutes or so a day where I’m looking into the pantry wondering what to cook for meals and snacks.

I plan on writing after dropping my children off to school in the mornings. They only attend school for a couple of hours each morning during the weekdays so I have to use that time wisely. Since I run a home-based business, I’m moving my processing/shipping time from that morning slot to the night before. (I own an online fabric shop.)

If I don’t pen my goal of 2,665 words during the morning time allotted, my plan is to sit back down after the kids head to bed that evening and type away until the daily goal is met. I will also be using the time my husband is home from work on weekends in order to play catch up if needed.

Hitting my daily goals will allow me to enjoy the perks of a reward system I’ve set up. I generally finish my evenings with a single glass of wine so I figured that should be a reward for completing my daily word goal. (It’s simple and silly, but I like my night cap so it definitely works as an incentive for me.)

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Once I hit my halfway mark of 33,300 words, I’m going for a pedicure. Yes, I can go out and get a pedicure any old time I want but I rarely take time for myself nowadays and this will be an enjoyable reward. If you get regular pedicures, think of something you haven’t done for yourself in awhile and insert that reward here.

Finally, once the last day of November rolls around and I’ve completed my 66,615 word goal, I’m taking my husband and kiddos out to dinner. We’ve spent so much time cooped up in this house this year, this will be a treat for the whole fam.

How do I prep my house for NaNoWriMo?

Remember in Week Two when we cleaned off and decluttered our work space? Well, now it’s time to kick that motivation into overdrive and prepare the entire house for what I like to call November neglect.

Every October, I perform an Autumn purge as I’m getting the house ready for the holidays. Throw away / upcycle any decor from the previous year. Give stuff away that has been collecting dust in closets that you’re never going to use again.

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Decluttering your house in the next two weeks will help it feel cleaner during November when you’re spending more time in front of your computer. If you take the time now to scrub your house until it shines while thinking about your writing project, you’re knocking out two birds with one stone. Starting November 1 with a bright and shiny house/apartment/whatever, simplifies spot cleaning at the end of each day and will give you more time to devote to your art.

At the end of the day, your goal is to get your ideas on paper. If my version of Preptober gives you anxiety, don’t stress! This is what works for me. I am a meticulous planner and have a bossy personality. I love helping people determine a way to accomplish their goals, typically by telling them, “This will work. Do this.”

That being said, your story deserves to be told. No matter how you choose to bring your project to fruition, I can’t wait to hear about it. Join me on Facebook or comment below to reach out.


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