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3 Days until Nanowrimo

Nanowrimo begins on November 1 and during the thirty days of this eleventh month, I will be creating the rough draft of my very first cozy mystery! With the help of my dear friend, Mr. Google, I have compiled a list of things to remember while I write myself into a stupor.

Gearing up for my second Nanowrimo adventure!
  • Set a goal before you start – This is the easiest to-do as Nanowrimo encourages you to write at least 1667 words a day in order to make your goal of 50k words by November 30.
  • Start with an outline – There are 3 different types of writers: Planners (they use rigidly constructed outlines, character sheets, and plot points), Pantsers (those that type by the seat of their pants in order to quickly get the story to paper), and Plantsers (the type of writers that have a basic idea of where they want the story to go but they allow the characters to create their own futures as they come to life). It’s been proven that when a writer has at least the basics of an outline down before they start writing, their writing speed increases and they don’t suffer as hard from the muddle of the middle.
  • Free Write – Ignore spelling mistakes or grammar issues and JUST WRITE. Get the story down. Don’t review anything you’ve written in order to edit. Your writing may sound absolutely awful and that’s normal. Focus on completing the first draft quickly so you have something to go over with a fine-tooth comb at a later time.
  • Get a First-Draft Friend – Pairing up with someone who will hold you accountable, whether it’s another writer or a coach, is a great way to instill a sense of purpose. Share daily triumphs and setbacks with your FDF in order to stimulate yourself and offer motivation.

No matter what genre you’ve chosen for your Nanowrimo project, all of these tips will work to help you be a more efficient writer. Feel free to join my Facebook Author page in order to follow my 30-day Nanowrimo journey and possibly find your own FDF there!


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